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To be or no to be French?

But what the people really think about the French people? Message for the chauvinists: Not for the faint of heart! To be or not to be French?

I went off in search of answers, in French we called that “micro-trottoir” (literally “microphone on the pavement”) but it was without microphone and rather in the bars with few friends. The results are there. I dreaded the answers even if I knew a few in advance.

The « Be French » attitude

We must admit, French people have sometimes a strong bad image in the world but as usual Australia surprises me!

Let’s start with the negative points to finish by the best.

The French is arrogant (really?). We are particularly proud of our history (a Revolution, a guillotine, two wars… ok I’m teasing), our gastronomy (snails, foie gras and frog legs) and obviously the wine, the best of the world (what? It’s true; don’t forget I’m French).

We want that our culture shines forth every corner in the globe and we seem to be right all the time (and that’s right no?). We are so opinionated!

Finally what is funny, it’s our willing to put the French language as the world leader. Some Aussies were lost noticing we don’t make a lot of efforts to learn English and exchange with foreigners when they visited Paris.

To finish and it will be the last one, our individualism. Indeed, I have to admit when I discovered the Australian culture and when I saw the friendship, this “mateship”, an easy communication so important, I was not surprised to hear that we are reserved, not really introverted but internal and sometimes a little bit unsocial and conservative.


In love with French

However, I reassure you, the Aussies love the French people.

Our accent is qualified the most beautiful, the most romantic and the sexiest. Really? I reckon it’s the only thing we are not very proud.

France, country of romance, lover by excellence makes passionate people. We are totally passionate for everything and apparently it’s for this reason we are so conscientious at work (ok even if we work only 35 hours per week and we are on strike all the time, that amuses the crowd).

Obviously, I can’t forget to mention the French kiss and… sex. At the risk of chocking some of you, apparently we are very good kisser, quite cheeky and pretty open. But no worries it’s a good point for us even if sometimes we seem pushy for the Aussies. I delight in listening my friends asking me if it’s possible to see naked women on the TV… Well… Yes darling! And we love that; voluptuousness and sensuality are always a part of our culture.

So funny as well when the Aussies think we practice the “ménage à 3”… I’m certainly going to disappoint you but there are not so many people who do that, not really, not everybody and most of them never!

I can hear as well French people incarnate the elegance and style. We seem to have this “je-ne-sais-quoi” as an ambassador of fashion. I promise to try to respect this image (wink).


So to be or not to be French?

As a French woman I’m proud of my origins and my country. Thanks to (or because of) our history, we are passionate with a culture and a gastronomy that attract foreigners. A good thing that should share and open our mind to the world. With our “beautiful” accent, we can share happiness, this happiness that characterises so well the Aussies.

Personally I made my choice: to be Frenchy and to not be too much French!

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