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When Seduction rhymes with Confusion…

Lets start… here is the article… About… men. Honestly, we (Frenchwomen) still understand NO-THING. Disaster, I’m from now on, aware of I’m compromising my future with the Aussies men. Or, am I launching my love life?! Seduction or confusion?

Or, am I going to revolutionize their thoughts? (Pretentious, isn’t it?).

That said, I made up my mind, I-RE-VEAL everything.

Everything begins with the encounter … this « magic » moment that makes you feel tempted to see the person again.

We chat, smile and laugh at each other and finally we exchange the phone numbers. THE special feature, we kiss you easily. The kiss is… very usual while for us French, the famous French Kiss is so “important”; everyone knows the Doisneau’s picture of this couple kissing after the Second War in the streets of Paris.

For the perfect kiss to happen, we need a nice atmosphere, a charming place and good timing. Romance seems to be in our blood or frankly at the tip of the tongue.

That is when the things already begin to get difficult … Aussies men take their time. They are easy going, having beers with their mates or working hard … while Frenchwomen are impatiently waiting for a damned call. Mateship seems to Australians males what romance is to the French.


Here, forget the rules of seduction!

Rules do not work and it is better. Lets spontaneity start. But your French spontaneity has to be in harmony with Aussie spontaneity. It’s quite something …

Do not be surprised if you receive a message one week after your first date, it is normal, while French are in  » pushy  » mode. Well guys, sorry, we have the “trigger-happy message”.

I have to admit, being a foreigner often may lead you to make mistakes.

Here are some memorable wrong-steps …

– You sometimes misinterpret messages.

I remember to read a message  » you don’t know your luck in this big city beautiful « . What is he telling me? Sure, I know; So I text him back about my luck to live here. No answer…

– You write a message carefully, you send proudly it… and with his answer, you understand that the meaning of your message is totally different.

Example of a friend: she sends a polite message (in appearance for her) but, actually, she has suggested him a sexy time. Obviously, the reply was immediate. I call that an “Involuntary Reinforcement of the French’s reputation”.

– Quite proud, you send a pun, to eventually notice that you are lost in translation (however you improve your English, indeed “slot”, “sloth” and “slut” are 3 different words). Irresistibly, you want to tell everyone on the planet « I swear I AM SMART ».

The work is a priority in Australia. Then there comes the pleasure! While in France, we are so passionate; remind you our reputation. Didn’t you know that 60 % of people find a lover or a mistress on their workplace in France?

Let us make no mistake. The pleasure is surely important  for an Aussie. The difference: the rules and the rhythm. While for us the seduction is transformed to a theatre stage, French people  » play  » with a selected glamour ambience and actors (woman main actress); Australians are more in the  » game « , a “candy crush of Love” with different levels and a progression in the relationship, slower, maybe safer.


In conclusion, men are like coffee.

In France, we have the choice between a short or a long coffee.

While here, between a cappuccino, a latte, a flat white… With the “dates” you find various aromas, surprised by their strength, their robust(o). Sweet or strong, rich or light …

It’s up to you to find your aroma,  » la crème de la crème  » and become a sugar to have a sweet man.

I refuse these French or Australian clichés. No play, no game… just life.

You want to send a message, send it.

You want to call, call.

You want to see him, invite him.

Suggest, be bold and especially… be Yourself!

Take it easy… French or Aussie, we are the same… with this enthusiasm to vibrate and this desire to share.


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