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We are glad to introduce this new Business Club. With the exceptional crisis that the world is living, we are thinking about the best way to connect French and Australian businesses.

Please feel free to contact us to give us some suggestions and most of all if you want to be a part of it.

Let’s work together to build a new economy more respectful and new opportunities between both cultures.


Coala Business Club

French up my wardrobe – 4 hour


Every morning you wonder how you’re going to dress, convinced that you have nothing to wear even if your wardrobe is full. You just don’t know how to mix your clothes. Caroline can help you to reinvent your wardrobe, move your habits, decide what to keep, what to toss and will assist you to find the perfect matches. Time for a dressing detox.


The programme

Find the right combinations and how to put outfits together.

Find what colours suit you the best.

Wear the right clothes according to your morphology type French up your style with accessorises.

Make a list of what you need in your wardrobe.

Lose your habits and have a new and different eye on your clothes.

Divert, mix and associate differently your pieces.

Possibility to arrange less hours (*minimum 2 hours for $300)


The Highlights

Get 10%OFF on MyParisiennes.com.

Get 10% OFF on this programme if you also select the programme French Up my Shopping.

OPTION: Book an appointment with one of our French hairdressers and/or and with one of our makeup artists.


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