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My Top 10 places in France – Part 1

It was at 16 years old that I really discovered France and all the superb landscapes that it offered. At this age I was with a boyfriend a little bit older who could drive ; then we decided one summer  under my mum’s full supervision of course  to do a Tour de France by car (we didn’t have bikes!). So we set off in a Citroën AX to explore our douce France (sweet France). Let’s visit France together.

At this moment, I understood that travelling would be a part of my life.

Later with my events business, I had the privilege to go nearly everywhere which allowed me to keep a window open to escape and give myself the opportunity for a rendezvous of discovery and romance with my France. When I dive deep back to my memories, I thought about writing about my favourites places in France, these magical places that evoke for me good memories, the places that allowed me to have a better understanding about the richness of my culture but also about its complexity and most importantly these places that made me fall in love with France, a free love, with no boundaries that allowed for the arrival of a new love – Australia.


The most beautiful experience in my life. A trek on the Ile de Beauté (Beauty Island) where I connected with nature and which was also a great journey in terms of working on myself: overcoming fears, being perseverant and believing in myself. For all the nature lovers, I recommend this 250 kilometre trek that crosses Corsica from North to South or from South to North (it’s really up to you). You will be astonished by the beauty of this island, the mix of mountains and beaches and the discovery of the Corsican culture that seeks to maintain all its traditions. A Corsica that is abrupt and sweet at the same time, an authentic culture that will charm you.

My favourite restaurant: the restaurant Le 20123 – what I love it’s the food of course and all the delicious and decadent cheese but also the beautiful decoration: indeed it’s the reconstitution of a village where the owner grew up (20123 is the postcode of the village) and the originality, you have to fill yourself your bottle of water at the fountain. A must!

More information about Corsica: click here

Discover the great GR20 trek in Corsica: click here



Of course, I’m not going to surprise you by telling you that I have so many crushes in Paname. However I have a special feeling for the Rue Montorgueil (rue: street), on the right bank of La Seine, that leaves me dreaming of and imagining  last century Paris. You will be captivated by the charms of this typical street, vibrant and full of life with restaurants and bistrots sooooo Parisian, fresh products, cafés, groceries, fromages, florists… A pedestrian street in the heart of Paris located just a few steps away from Le Marais, the Saint-Eustache church, Les Halles.

Well-known places to visit:

  • Pâtisserie Stohrer at number 51 that opened in 1750. Nicolas Stohrer was the pâtissier for King Louis XV. He was also the chef known for his gourmet invention the Baba au Rhum.
  • The Restaurant l’Escargot at number 38 since 1832 that promises you a gastronomic trip between traditional and modern cuisine and of course the best snails in Paris.
  • The historic restaurant Au Rocher de Cancale at number 78, a place to meet friends and share a glass of wine at the end of the day. This place was very popular for its oysters and the most famous gastronomes such as Honoré de Balzac were regulars here. Today, enjoy some delicious seafood in the heart of the city of lights.



Cassis. Let’s go back to the South of France to go and visit this lovely little fishing port. Just thinking of Cassis puts a smile on my face. It takes me back to my childhood, the cicadas, the vivid colours of Cassis, the sandwich gruyère pur beurre (butter and cheese) that my mum bought when we were spending the day on the beach (let me tell you they were the best sandwiches ever, simple but delicious), Frédéric Mistral and of course the vineyards. Each summer in France, it’s my ritual, I allow myself a day on the beach, I admire the Mediterranean Sea, I like observing people and the tourists that I can distinguish by their white skin and like when I was a child, I can’t help but stop and savour a succulent crêpe at the Grand Marnier on the port where in my opinion, you can find the best crêpes in the world. While I’m eating my best crêpe in the world I’m walking in the streets and I can’t avoid doing a little shopping.

Of course I cannot speak about Cassis without sharing with you les Calanques (the rock inlets) that will give you this irresistible desire to stay in the South of France while you are swimming in the turquoise ocean.

Cassis Tourist Office: Click here



I am not sure if many of you know this region where you can find amazing scenery. I discovered this part of France following a lover who was living in a small village called Alba-la-Romaine. Quickly, I succumbed to the charm of this region. We say that people from Ardèche have a faithful heart and I can confirm it. I have a lot of friends over there among them my best friend for that past 15 years who took me for a walk, a drive or even by bicycle through the most beautiful character-filled villages such as Vogüe, Saint-Montan, la Beaume, Balazuc. Summer is good for culture and music with a few of festivals and obviously the ideal weather to freshen up and swim in rivers. I could speak about this region for hours but the best is for you to discover these landscapes worthy of impressionist paintings.

More info: click here



The site has been occupied from Prehistory but let’s pass on this period and let’s say thanks to the Romans who started to build this city. When we think about Rouen, associate the city with Joan of Arc where she was held as a prisoner. It’s pretty difficult to summarise the history of this city in few words… This city keeps all its charm regarding art and history in spite of the fact that it was shelled during the Second World War. I discovered this city on a professional event trip. For a Southern girl and accustomed to Paris, I was delighted by the architecture, the Market Place, the Cathedral, and above all, the Old Rouen with its gorgeous half-timbered houses, superbly preserved. Clearly, this is a city to visit…

More information: click here


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