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The most beautiful Marseille’s Calanques

Marseille is unique. Fantastic, peaceful and multicultural, Marseille doesn’t look like any other city. Located in the South of France, it has been said that it feels “good to live” (“bon vivre” in French). In fact, sunshine belongs to Marseille scene, in winter or summer, even the wind (“mistral”) can sometimes stick one’s oar in. But Marseille is also a chest with cultural and natural treasures like its calanques.  Among treasures, the Calanque’s park, the first suburban, terrestrial and marine national park in Europe.


For the anecdote

This emblematic landscape is known worldwide by dint of its biodiversity, its cultural heritage and dazzling panorama. Marseille but also Cassis and La Penne-sur-Huveaune adhere to this park of 8,500 hectares for terrestrial heart, and 43,500 hectares for marine heart. There are 140 protected terrestrial animals and plant species as well as 60 marine heritage species. It is with good reason that the attendance of this land of exception is attended by about 2 million people by sea and land each year.

When summer is beginning to be felt in Marseille, the Calanques are more likely to be targeted by divers, hikers, climbers and tourists finding some benefits there.

Do you want to discover the “Calanques”? Here are our top 3 most beautiful “Calanques”:


Calanque d’En Vau

Located between Marseille and Cassis, “Calanque d’En Vau” is a paradise on earth. Apart from swimwear and towel in your bag, snickers will be a good fellow travellers for a walk to the Calanque (50 min walk). Oui, a Calanque has to be earned! It is also possible to access it by kayak. On site, you’ll forget your past suffering thanks to the reward: a turquoise water dotted with cliffs and pines, endowed with a small rocks beach where sometimes some wild boars come to venture there.


Calanque de Sormiou

It is in the 9th district of Marseille that you can find this natural jewel, still inhabited by cabanons, with a small port and a charming restaurant. With a larger and easier access, Sormiou gives the choice to the visitors to chill out on the main beach or to explore the rocks and find their Eden. Marine fauna makes it a dive spot in itself, but also climbing with these high cliffs. A little secret: if you book a table at the restaurant, you can access to the Calanque by car and replace your sneakers with a nice pair of sandals with summery colours (oui oui I’m reading your mind).


Calanque de Sugiton

Composed of two creeks each with a small pebble beach, the “Calanque de Sugiton” offers an idyllic setting to all visitors. Accessible from the campus of Luminy in Marseille, you’ll still have to put your favourite sneakers for an hour walk downhill. Easy right?! Finally, without counting uphill return…

Once in, you can see in front of the Calanque the “Torpilleur”, an island that owes its name to a military boat look. High cliffs subjugate Sugiton with a rock acting as dives for the daredevil. For the lovers chilling, you’ll not have a hard time finding a little shade under a pine to enjoy a moment out of time.


Fren’Chic Touch‘s advices:

  • Wear good shoes (here is a good excuse to do also some shopping in Marseille)
  • Drink a lot of water (and allow yourself a glass of rosé for the “apéro”)
  • Come early! We all know that “The future belongs to those who get up early”


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