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Interview with Ines de la Fressange – Parisian muse

Ines de la Fressange is clearly a Parisian Muse and an inspiring French woman, who knows naturally all the codes of Parisian elegance. Frenchictouch had the pleasure of interviewing Ines de la Fressange who has definitely a genuine “je ne sais quoi”.

Bonjour Ines, model, supermodel, fashion designer, mum and now a successful businesswoman, how do you manage all of this? What is your secret?

Ah ah, who told you I manage ?! I don’t manage at all! (laughs). Actually, I understood nobody is perfect and it’s better not to look for perfection. Avoiding stress making a little meditation is a recipe but also taking the time to make the list of things going well rather than one of the things going bad. Personally, I am lucky to do what I like with people I admire and appreciate being conscious of that helps. Sometimes I make a list of all what I have to do in horizontal rather than vertical to have a general view of everything and as soon it’s done I already feel better.

In Australia, we can often hear that French women have a “je ne sais quoi”, what is this “je ne sais quoi” for you?

Pfff! Don’t worry there are fabulous women all over the world! In France, we know there are gorgeous young healthy surfers with beautiful hair in Australia this « I don’t know what » is very precise! (laughs)
Ines de la Fressange - Benoit Peverelli - Frenchictouch - French style

Ines de la Fressange – Photo by Benoit Peverelli

What is a fashion “faux-pas” according to you?

Never say never in fashion, however, the desire of looking wealthy for instance is always pathetic no?

What is a perfect day in Paris for Ines de la Fressange?

It’s so cold today, I was bound to say stay in bed! (laughs)

Listen if you start by a breakfast in one of these old coffee shops, then a visit to the Picasso museum, lunch at the « Bon Saint-Pourçain», after maybe shopping at « Soeur » or in my shop 24 rue de Grenelle, a walk in Montmartre and a dinner at “le Grand Véfour” for instance can be nice. Personally living here since a long time I am still fascinated by the beauty of the town and I often walk hours, still discovering new places that I put on my Instagram (@inesdelafressangeofficial) or in my newsletter (www.lalettredines.com)

So the advice is: walk!

Could you give us the meaning of femininity?

 No, but I’m happy to be a woman!

Do you have a special message for women that you would like to share?

Take time to wish what you really want and you will get it. Imagination is the only limit, if you want it you will get it!

Do you know Australia?

Indeed! Hum… I went 48 hours, can I say yes? Anyhow it was enough for me to understand I want to come back and visit it. Preferably for holidays(laughs).
But I did meet really nice people, very welcoming, very cool and friendly.
I had a great friend who was an Australian sculptor: Mark Stewart he was the one who did my sculpture for the French city halls as Marianne the symbol of French Republic. Funny isn’t it?

Get now her new book “La Parisienne” at the boutique

Photo cover by Alessandra d’Urso
Ines de la Fressange - Benoit Peverelli - Frenchictouch - French style

Ines de la Fressange – Photo by Benoit Peverelli

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