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St Claire Country House

Workshop « French Up Your Life » . 

I had the honour and the pleasure to introduce a new workshop at St Claire Country House .


French clichés
French facts
French culture and manners
French style and Art de Vivre (Champagne, Haute Couture, Haute Cuisine, Art, Louis XIV, expressions…)
The French influence worldwide: (culture, hairdressing, magazines, daily life, business, home décor, gastronomy etc.)
How to French up your life

The afternoon begins with champagne. The workshop was delivered in an amusing style – there were plenty of anecdotes and jokes. The participants were involved throughout in a two way exchange and by doing simple exercises, individually and in groups. There was a break for a scrumptious afternoon tea between 3.00 pm and 3.30 pm.

Meet other Francophiles
This was an opportunity to meet other people interested in France, French culture and French style. It was also a way of becoming better prepared for your next trip to France.


IMG 7182 - St Claire Country House
St Claire Countrty House4 - St Claire Country House
St Claire Countrty House11 - St Claire Country House
St Claire Countrty House6 - St Claire Country House

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