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Embrace confidence 

The idea was to show how much your style can influence your work environment, not only through clothing but also through communication (visual, verbal and body language) and confidence.
Indeed, it takes only tenth of a second to decide if a person is attractive, friendly or even competent (research Princeton University).
As we do not have a second chance to make a good impression, it is important to build confidence and maintain a positive mind to embrace challenges that life gives us and to give the right image during an interview, a meeting or even a date.
I do believe we’re born with confidence (you just have to look at a child) however according to our education, our social environment, our family, our friends, or/and our obstacles in life, we can lose confidence.
Let’s embrace again this confidence by finding our right style. Merci to Geoff, Shaunagh and Nora for allowing me to share with you and for your warm welcome. 💗#FrenChicTouch#FrenchUpYourBusiness#communication#education#french#styling


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