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The Feminine French touch

I found back an old article that I wrote about French women for the magazine French Provincial almost 2 years ago. I wanted to share with you my vision about the Feminine French touch that I love to see and appreciate more and more very day. Because we all need more and more femininity in this world.

A woman always fascinates people by her energy, her sensuality, her power of nurture, and her beauty. As a French woman I try to cultivate this part of femininity by analysing women… And today, I especially want to focus on the enchantment that provokes French women.

What is the mystery that French women keep for themselves?

Frenchy, (I should know but I was questioning) what is the secret? What is this je ne sais quoi?

Maybe this article will seem arrogant, but I will take the risk because that which firstly defines a French woman, is her confidence and her self-assurance; an assertion that can be interpreted as arrogance. She can be snobbish and that’s fine, she knows that and she almost claims to be. After all what’s wrong with that?

The rule to feel confident is to be natural, aware of your body and play intelligently with it in a sensual way, a hint of frivolity, and a false innocence. She wants to show her body to her advantage. Being always sensual and gracious wherever she goes; after all a French woman believes in romance and she loves being complimented. There is nothing wrong with appreciating a compliment from a man she doesn’t know even if she is married. The French woman will feel more desirable, more feminine, more assertive, and will come back home empowered in her sensuality.

She expresses her spirit by fashion. She can wear classical clothes but she will always add a French touch by an accessory that will be her signature. Unconventional and out of fashion, she prefers to create her own style than to follow fashion. As Coco Chanel said for every French woman: “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.”

By her own style, she defines her personality, her mood of the day, she uses this unspoken language to show to the world: “I’m assertive, I’m liberated and I love that people set their eyes on me.”


The natural feminine attitude

By her natural side, she cultivates a part of wildness that can tease curiosity from others. “Less is more” and it’s her rule. Not too much make-up, no plastic surgery and she makes sure that she seems natural. She keeps her hair with her natural colour and lets it be messy. She embraces a feminine attitude when other women try and have a feminist attitude and she seems to have this natural femininity in her blood, certainly because when she was a child, she observed her mum or grandmother.

Another particularity, quality or not, as it can cause her trouble, is she is very frank. She needs to express her ideas and can speak philosophy or politics with men when her eyes may send a cheeky message. She plays with seduction and she loves that.

A French woman is passionate and she reflects her passion in every gesture, it’s a part of her and if you try to take it off from her, you break her wings. Her sensuality is her way to explore this world with poetry. She’s in love with love.

Well if I should define in one word a French woman, I would say “connected”. Connected to her spirit, connected to her body, connected to her emotions, connected to love but sometimes disconnected to the reality… Her head is in the clouds remaking the world with her French touch.



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