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Discover a selection of French series or movies to watch on Netflix

Just for you, discover a top selection of French series or movies to watch on Netflix. Uncommon, breathless, suspenseful…  true story, thriller, romance or humour… there is something for everyone.

La Mante – La Mante

la mante affiche netflix 208x300 - Discover a selection of French series or movies to watch on Netflix


Uncommon for a French production, in this French thriller everything starts with a terrible crime. A female serial killer played by Carole Bouquet decides to help the police to find out who is the copycat of all the crimes, an opportunity for her to get closer to her son who is now a cop.

Cast: Carole Bouquet, Pascal Demolon, Frédérique Bel

According to FrenChicTouch:

“Watch this thriller, you will love it”… Following my friend’s advice. Here I am on my couch, this kind of day off when you need to release your mind. After watching the first  episode I watched the whole season in an evening, devouring this French thriller, trying desperately to discover who was the killer… Let me tell you, it was hard to guess.

I was especially amazed by the role of Carole Bouquet, playing a psychopath showing no emotions. This same Carole Bouquet that I found so beautiful and feminine. She is remarkable and I have to admit she must be admired for the cold beauty she portrays in this role. The charm of Pascal Demolon playing a cop under the name Ferracci is irresistible as is Frédérique Bel, a beautiful French actress loved for her spontaneity.



No Second Chance – Une Chance de trop

une chance de trop affiche - Discover a selection of French series or movies to watch on Netflix


Synopsis: This breathless French thriller in 6 episodes is an adaptation of the American writer Harlan Cobel’s novel “Tell no one” relates the story of a doctor who is going to do everything to retrieve her kidnapped daughter and try to solve the mysterious murder of her husband.


Cast: Alexandra Lamy, Pascal Elbé, Lionel Abelanski

According to FrenChicTouch:

With this mini-series, you can understand why “une chance de trop” was awarded twice during the French festival of fiction at La Rochelle in 2015.

Full of suspense, addictive and breathtaking, we cannot resist  this adaptation. Our favourite actress is Alexandra Lamy. A very good quality cast including Pascal Elbé who is always moving to watch.




Haute Cuisine – Les saveurs du Palais

Les Saveurs du palais - Discover a selection of French series or movies to watch on Netflix

Synopsis: The true story of Danièle Depeuch who was the private chef of the French President François Mitterand.

Cast: Catherine Frot, Jean d’Ormesson

According to FrenChicTouch:

As a woman I admire the strong personality of this lady who has to be strong to be respected, sharing an exceptional time with a President played admirably by Jean d’Ormesson. It is a pleasure to see Jean d’Ormesson, this French Academician, in this role as he sadly left us at the end of 2017.

This movie will awake your taste buds as you discover a François Mitterand who has a love of popular food over the snob gastronomy.






Blind Date – Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément !

un peu beaucoup aveuglément affiche - Discover a selection of French series or movies to watch on Netflix


Synopsis: Separated by a wall, the music is going to reunite a whinging workaholic who loves silence and a talented pianist that can’t live without music.

Cast: Clovis Cornillac, Mélanie Bernier

According to FrenChicTouch:

This French romance works very well thanks to the chemistry between the actors. Even if it’s a predictable movie, we cannot resist the French charm, it’s a funny movie that you will thoroughly enjoy.







Gad gone wild – Gad Elmaleh part en live

gad gone wild netflix - Discover a selection of French series or movies to watch on Netflix


Synopsis: The French’s favourite French comedian has an exclusive show all in English on Netflix.

Cast: Gad Elmaleh

According to FrenChicTouch:

After having seen him in Marseille, then in Melbourne for an exclusive show in English and having the privilege of meeting him, of course, I couldn’t miss this show on Netflix, what I like to call my French comedy fix. A must to watch after work or between friends and over a delicious French meal with a glass of wine. Guaranteed laughs.

Read the exclusive interview with Gad Elmaleh for FrenChicTouch.



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  • bienamicalementvotre
    avril 4, 2018

    je suis curieuse de voir une chance de trop, j’aime beaucoup l’actrice

    • Caroline Vosse
      avril 5, 2018

      Vous allez alors adorer. Alexandra Lamy est super dans ce rôle.

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