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French Online Boutique

It was time to create a French online store bringing the best of French fashion. Then, I met my business partner Karine with the same vision: bring la Crème de la Crème of French brands. It was obvious…

We decide to call our shop My Parisiennes, because after all we are two lovers of Paris who do love the fashion of the city of lights.
Logo My Parisiennes - illustration Hossein Borojeni - French fashion

Recently we decided to create a new version of the website and what a journey… The idea was simple, we wanted to bring the best of French fashion in Australia and overseas, enhance the French “savoir-faire” and promote creative designers. It took us a while to think about everything. We started with a first version in December 2017 and it was a success however we wanted a website more “Parisienne”, more user-friendly listening to our clients, our first priority.

We made a big move and here we go… With our new baby myparisiennes.com. A French  fashion online boutique but also a source of inspiration for French lovers, shopaholics and addicted to fashion and more precisely style.

And because we always want to bring more, we have planned to go to Paris, meet our designers and bring new things for you.

I can’t wait to go 2 months in France, share with you of course on the blog that you’ve certainly noticed I have been a bit slow with (working on My Parisiennes) but also meet new designers, new brands who have a story to tell.

Please feel free to share with me your thoughts and of course do not hesitate to spread the words.

Here is a selection of my favourite…



French Up Your Style


See more products and French Up Your Closet with the exclusive selection My Parisiennes….