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Rendez-vous with Daizy Blu, Crazy Horse dancer and show manager

Having been invited to the show « Forever Crazy » by the Crazy Horse Paris, I can already tell you that it is forever feminine, forever artistic and forever sensual. Some of you may have reservations about it because after all it’s a show of nude women matching their subtle leg movements with tantalising light and visual effects. But everything is in the nuance ; nudity doesn’t always mean vulgarity and in this case nudity becomes an art which you let yourself be carried away. You are quickly captivated after you hear the first notes of music. « Forever Crazy » was created like a tribute to Alain Bernardin, founder of this Parisian cabaret. This show is a highlight of the various shows, to the program the new creations signed by the French choregraph Philippe Decouflé.

Subdued light, curtain effects, breathtaking heels – Louboutin s’il vous plait – small firm breasts revealed recalling the voluptuousness of woman and this idea that people have overseas about French women with their so French little breasts (message to these ladies by the way, this show will comfort you, wink), arched bodies revealing a decadent confidence and an asserted femininity, a glass of Champagne… the scene is set.


Bienvenue to the heart of sensuality à la Parisienne, a temple where sexiness, cheekiness and chicness are one.


Meeting Daizy Blu, dancer and show manager with Frank, tour manager…


Bonjour Daisy, my first question is for you, what is exactly your role as show manager?

I ensure that the show runs smoothly every evening. I am also the link between management, the dancers and the tour manager; a liaison between each different area. My role is really to make sure that everything runs smoothly, from the choreography to the girls’ schedule, I also check the position of each girl on stage.


How are you able to work as a dancer and manager at the same time, I guess it’s pretty exhausting?

Most of the time I am the show manager ; occasionally I am a dancer and as a dancer these are the moments where I can fully enjoy being on stage, I trust that everyone will be ok without me during the show (giggles).


Daizy Blu, a stage name or your real name?

It’s my stage name with the hashtag “royal” for this tour and blu with no e. Daizy Blu Royal.

daizy blu portrait - Rendez-vous with Daizy Blu, Crazy Horse dancer and show manager


How do you get your names?

Frank: seeing her eyes you can understand (oh oui, Daizy Blu has deep Blu eyes)

Daizy Blu: The names of dancers are given just before they go on stage for the first time. They are chosen or by our director, Andrée Deissenberg or by our show manager. Finally all the people who get to know us throughout the training and who have discovered character traits or physical or personality characteristics, and they make a name from them.


Then why Daizy Blu?

Daizy was chosen by Andrée Deissenberg who made a direct link with the word « désir » (desire) in French because the pronunciation in English would not work. And blu because during the rehearsals, I am apparently so concentrated that I open my eyes wide 

and you can see my blue eyes really well.


Noticing a slight accent from the South of France, I cannot help but ask her if she is fr

om Marseille. Having grown up in Marseille, it adds a little bit of pride to my city (wink) because there are three dancers from Marseille in the team.

Daizy: no I am from Avignon (city very close to Marseille). At the Crazy Horse we have many dancers who come from almost everywhere in France and also around the world. But many of the girls are from the South.

Frank: the girls from the South of France have a temperament (laughter) (OMG I maybe missed my vocation)


How did the idea of becoming a dancer at the Crazy Horse come to you?

Personally I did not know the Crazy Horse. I was a classic ballet dancer and a friend of mine told me that I had to audition for Crazy Horse saying, “you are made for that”. I went to Paris and I went to the casting. It was huge! There were 80 girls while usually there are no more than 10 girls. There were two parts to the audition. The second part was on stage and at this point I did not still know what Crazy Horse was.

That very evening I was invited to see the show. I was a little scared. Having been accepted as a dancer, I did not know if I was up to this kind of performance.


What stressed the most?

For a very long time I was a “woman child”. I saw these very assertive women who captivated the audience and they completely embraced their femininity ; I said to myself « am I capable of doing it? »


And your first show?

At first we begin with group shows. When we begin we are not thrown directly on stage for a solo.

During our first shows we need to be very concentrated on the choreography, on what it takes place on stage and with the dancers then little by little we do not pay attention anymore to the nudity ; everything becomes familiar with the adrenalin and when we are asked for a solo, we are already prepared.


How do family and the friends react?

It’s different for everyone in the team. In my case my family was very proud because it is a very well-known cabaret. My dad, I think, did not know what it was. Thus he came to see the show. He hardly dared to look at me in the eyes and taps on my shoulder by telling me « it is very good my girl, you danced well ». I think that he looked at the part of the dance and he did not even know where I was or try to recognise me. I think that it is a little bit embarrassing for a dad.


At what age do you retire from the Crazy Horse?

I began at the age of 24 and I have been there for 10 years. There is not really an age. It depends on the body which is going to tell us whether it is ageing but also the physical fitness. We give the impression that there are differences in age on stage but sometimes we can make a mistake, there are girls who are very young but very mature on stage and others a few years older but actually appear younger on stage. So all this is a mix which works well.


forever crazy horse - Rendez-vous with Daizy Blu, Crazy Horse dancer and show manager

Did Crazy Horse allow you to work on your femininity and to reveal you as woman? 

Yes completely. I assumed my femininity and my sensual side. We learn this or we improve it if we already have it. All this is explained very well in detail during the training.


Thus we find femininity in the details, by the way Ray Charles said that the most feminine women were the women with the very narrow wrists, so everything is going to be in the gestures, in the way of placing the hands, in a look, in how you tilt the head, raise the shoulder orcross the legs.


That’s what we cultivate at Crazy Horse.

We can be aware of our femininity, cultivate it, assume and play with it. This is the Crazy Horse goal.


And what is sensuality for you?

Actually it is present when all this femininity is completely assumed and accepted and when we can play with it.


It is a total awareness of yourself, your body, your attitude and even your aura, the energy you can release. We can then be sensual without necessarily revealing too many things either.



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