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Coco, the essence of French style

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must be always different.” Coco Chanel

And she was different… Let’s get interested in this difference. Because everyone can find the story of Coco Chanel on Internet. A little girl who has been abandoned in an orphanage by her father after her mum’s death, and who becomes a wonderful designer well-known everywhere in the world.

chanel2 - Coco, the essence of French style

Yes of course we can read that everywhere. But it’s fascinating to see how this French woman has inspired the fashion world and the woman world only because she wanted to make a difference, to make HER difference like a revenge on the world.

Bold, sassy, visionary… Coco Chanel built her personality with mysteries, strong ideas, confidence and independence. She changed always her story probably to protect herself and create her own legend.

After a childhood in an orphanage, an early career in a cabaret, she entered quickly in the mundane world. Rich of a strong personality and always with this desire to not follow the norms, she found inspiration from everything around her. A legend was born, able to transcend the reality.

From a little orphan, she freed herself observing people and environments that surrounded her to keep the best. She created her style of difference to become a legend.


Coco Chanel was a mix of women: a passionate and a businesswoman.

Passionate and emotional as often we describe French women, she wanted to be totally herself, freeing her mind and body. She gave a strong message to women of her time and to women of the future. Every man was attracted by this sweet liberty and sophisticated casualness. Like a magnetic power, she could capture the attention and be surrounded by men who found her different; this difference she built bit by bit.

Her meeting with Boy Capel changed her life. She fell unconditionally in love with this diplomat and businessman, the man who will be the lover of her life. He opened her mind and with him she experienced spirituality. She always believed in her good star and we can’t leave out to mention she was very superstitious. Indeed she could find signs everywhere especially in constellations and comets. She had this extraordinary ability to take the details in everything and everyone. It’s like that she created her collections inspiring by the architecture, symbols and people.

With time and the influence of Boy Capel, she affirmed again her difference in business. She knew what she wanted and in a society of men, she knew to assert herself. She brings modernity and independence in her business. With a natural sensuality, a great sense of communication and an incredible imaginative power, she mixed her friendship with artists, aristocrats and business people to bring la Crème de le Crème in her life.

Screen Shot 2016 09 04 at 11.13.23 am - Coco, the essence of French style

She left this world in 1971 in Paris, fashion city by excellence. She became a constellation of fashion and for the most romantic people; we can imagine she joined the lover of her life.

“J’aime la vie!” she said (I love life) and she loved so much life that she found the way to stay alive. In every part of the world, if you are a bit sensitive to fashion and femininity, you can feel the Coco’s energy… A pearl necklace thrown in on a woman in the street, a little black dress during a cocktail, an entrancing fragrance signed Chanel N°5 filled in the air of a room… Coco Chanel is in every woman. In every woman who get inspired by their dreams, in every woman who is not scared to be “classy and fabulous”. She knew how to empower women and by this way she revealed the meaning of femininity.

A big thank you Coco, merci for inspiring the world and being a model for so many women in this world.

coco1 - Coco, the essence of French style


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