"A novel is a mirror carried along a main road." Stendhal
Le Forum
Your French Bookshop in Australia
French Complexion
The secrets to fabulous skin by French facialist and skincare expert Christine Clais. 
Christine Clais has also a beauty institute called The French Facialist
Parisian Chic By Inès de la Fressange
J'adore Inès de la Fressange. She is such a beautiful natural woman who knows the meaning of elegance and "less is more". So obviously when she wrote this book, I bought it and I considered it as my bible of French style. Inès was a French model who became a French designer. She recently opened a shop Inès de la Fressange and if you are in Paris, you absolutely to visit this store.

A Cook's Tour of France
Regional French recipes by one of my favourite French people in Australia: Gabriel Gaté, French-trained chef with an international reputation.
Love Style Life 
By Garance Doré
How to be Parisian 
By Caroline de Maigret
Paris Street Style
A guide to effortless chic
By Isabelle Thomas & Frédérique Veysset
L'Officiel Australia
A French fashion magazine published in France since 1921.
Jean-François Vernay
A French writer who analyses Australian literature in his latest book "A Brief take on the Australian Novel" (Wakefield Press, 2016).
"The outside gaze illuminates what the insider cannot see, especially when that gaze focuses on what distinguishes the inside, what makes it what it is... A debt of gratitude is owed to Jean-François vernay for contributing this genereous intervention to the love and the labour that is the Australian literacy enterprise. Readers of Australian literature will enjoy his company." - Nicholas Jose 


Beauty Tip by Sabrina B.

Bon appétit with Gabriel Gaté

I had the pleasure of meeting Gabriel Gaté a few times and it's with pleasure that I share his recipes with you. 







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