“You have to stick to one resolution because it’s good, not because you have taken it.”

François de la Rochefoucauld.


Here we go again, you know this time of the year when you RE-start taking good resolutions, and knowing full well that 50% of these are exactly the same than the previous year but shh we keep this for us. But no matter because this year is the Year. You feel it. You are determined (still). You believe in it. In short you hope ... until ... mid January?

The good old habits quickly take over and after the first half of January, these good resolutions are already forgotten.

Do you know that it takes 21 days to set up a new habit in our daily life?

Why not just have a good resolution to hold for 21 days and adopt a new rhythm?

After all, life is only made of good consecutive resolutions that we learn over the days, based on our experience and unexpected events in life, whether we choose to apply or not.

For my part, my resolutions are simple, result of experiences and researches of what really matters to me at 39 yo “OMG she dares to say her age", then precisely resolution number 1 ...



5 years… already 5 years since I decided to change my life. In 5 years, I have grown up, learnt more about myself and others and I have also understood that with time it is important to listen your own instinct, pursue your dreams, and be aware of the signs that life puts in our path.

There I was, leaving France with only two suitcases and my dreams… Who would have believed that I would be writing this article 5 years later. After all, at the start in Melbourne and during these 5 years, I can’t say that everything has been simple and rose-coloured (as we say in French). Of course, I would change a few details if I could, however I quite like my story because this experience allowed me to learn about myself and has given me fantastic lessons in life.



The 8th of March was International Woman’s Day and this year I must tell you that I was in two minds about the idea of this day. Not that I am not for valuing women and being reminded that women are still victims of inequalities in our “modern” societies but rather because I am sad to notice that we need a day each year to remember that as women we are a part of this world. Shouldn’t we extend this day to the other 364 days of the year?



Article followed by the article in French.


Ah Paris, seeing Paris again always makes me feel good, city that I’ve been desperately in love with for years. However it’s in Marseille where I grew up, second largest city in France in the South, capital of soccer, in eternal “foot-ballistic” competition with Paris, a strong rivalry that I have to admit sometimes becomes ridiculous. Parisians always envy our sun that they come to borrow in summer, grumbling about our occasional casualness and a bit about the “show-off” attitude.



“Let’s do it”, just three words in English from Gad answering one of my messages on Instagram and voilà, we set up a phone meeting in few days for an interview on the blog.

It all started when I found out that Gad Elmaleh, the big star of comedy in France, was planning to come to Australia as part of the festival Just For Laughs. (tickets on sale now).

Many French people, including myself, adore the Gad’s humour. I saw him during a show in Marseille and I can’t get enough of it. Gad is the mate that you would love to have and for French people he’s the mate with whom you can be assured of having fun and serious giggles with. You just have to watch some of Gad’s sketches to pick yourself up. It’s often the case for me on the other side of the world here in Melbourne.



Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded by all types of advertising and marketing that try to convince us what is the best for us: from what we have to eat to be healthy, where we have to go out to be trendy to how to dress to make sure we are in the frontline of fashion. However, I don’t know about you, but I am gradually feeling more oppressed by this desire to standardise people, to make me look like Madame Tout le Monde (Madame everyone) without even considering what I like, my personality or my current cravings.



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This is the adventure of a Frenchwoman who has decided to expand her life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lot of travels, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia.

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